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Do I need to make an appointment or just walk in?
The artists at Dark Lotus Tattoo in Liberty, MO are in high demand and often times booked out for weeks / months. Although we do accept walk-ins, it's better to make an appointment, as appointments take priority. Especially if you have a custom tattoo or idea that you want drawn out. With walk-ins, you take the risk of having to wait or the artist not being available at all. Call Today and schedule a consultation. Take note that if the artist does have to draw anything out, you will be charged a non-refundable deposit up-front. This assures the artist is paid for their time, if you decide against the tattoo later.
How much does a tattoo cost at Dark Lotus Tattoos in Liberty, MO?
Time is the major factor in determining the cost of a tattoo. This depends on both size and detail. You will be given a price during your consultation. The minimum charge is $50.00. When working on pieces that require multiple sessions, the pricing guage will vary, which will also be determined during your consultation.
How much should I tip my artist?
Tipping your artist is a great idea. How much to tip really depends on how well you like the work they've done and can only be determined by you. Like any others that provide a personalized service, the artists at Dark Lotus Tattoos in Liberty MO very much appreciate tips. If you think your artist did a great job, TIP THEM!
Does Dark Lotus Tattoos in Liberty MO do cover-ups and touch-ups?
We certainly do! We have a very strong reputation as a Tattoo Shop in Kansas City and Liberty MO that provides some of the best cover-up work around. We pride ourselves on touch-ups to ensure your tattoo is given the attention it deserves. Again, the price is only determined upon consultation.
Can I get a tattoo after drinking or being under the influence of any narcotics?
We require all of our clients to be sober during their session(s). This provides both you and the artist a reasonable atmosphere when working on your piece. Making a decision on a tattoo while under the influence is not a good idea. As well as the fact that your blood is thinned if you've been drinking, making blood loss significantly greater.
Is your shop and artists licensed?
Dark Lotus Tattoos in Liberty MO is completely licensed and up-to-date on all artist certifications.
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